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Miss Felicity Meadowsweet loved to tell stories to her children and the children of her friends.


After her own children had grown, they asked her to write down the stories to save for her grandchildren.


Miss Felicity did just that.


“A Magical Day in Grandpa’s Garden” is Book One in “The Magical Garden Book Series."

It is my desire that every child be read to, be able to read and have books of their own

The Origin Story

One summer day, when my daughter was a teenager, we decided to take all of her babysitting charges on a picnic. There was a lovely park nearby, with a small stream and a grove of tall trees. Lots of places for the children to safely run and play.

As I was sitting in a lawn chair near the edge of the stream, I had a vision. Each of the children was a different fairy. I saw my daughter as an older fairy, someone sort of in charge of the other fairies. Two year old Abigail was dressed like a new leaf. Tall, thin Jamie was dressed in frayed clothes with leaves for wings. Blonde Alexandra was dressed in yellow like a sunflower, and dark haired and quiet Julia was born in the winter.


As I sat by the stream, I realized the children represented the seasons and the elements.

While writing the story, the garden part and the Grandparents just kind of showed up. Sometimes writing is like that. Very often the story will tell the writer what it wants to be and where it wants to go.


I hope you and your children enjoy my stories as much as I enjoy writing them.


Miss Felicity knows that children are our future and the more they are able to think and reason for themselves, the better off we all will be. 

Miss Felicity Meadowsweet often participates in area festivals and special events. She loves to read her stories in libraries, schools and other places where children are found.

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