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An enchanting tale of a young brother and sister who take a trip to the country to visit their Grandparents.


While in the flower garden, they meet a fairy who whisks them away to a gathering in the stump of an old tree.


There the children encounter other fairies and even Mother Nature herself!


They are given the task of telling the human world about the fairy world and the workings of nature.


This story also highlights themes about respect for nature, keeping your word, and throws in a little fairy magic for good measure.


It is designed to be read to children in the 2nd and 3rd grades in the hopes that it will open a discussion about the incredible natural world that is always around us, the importance of family, and what real magic can be. Adults will enjoy the story also.

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Praise for A Magical Day in Grandpa’s Garden

A lovely, descriptive story using the relationship between fairies and humans and the physical world they both share. Chock full of information that creates positive references about nature. This story connects with children where they are and inspires them to explore and respect their world.

—Nancy Miller, Empowerment Educator



A magical group of fairies befriend a boy and girl and teach them about the seasons and nature. Cameron and Mellie are children who stumble upon a world of fairies while out in their grandparent’s garden one day. A wonderful adventure begins.


This story is completely engaging for young children as well as the parents who may read the story to them.

—Amica Venturi Administrator/Teacher Harmony Preschool

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